tis the season for lots of change!

Monday, December 17, 2012
Christmas is just around the corner! this long-awaited interview season is well underway. i remember looking forward to "interview season" and thinking it was such a long ways off. but here we are, smack dab in the middle of it! we are still in mississippi until the end of the year, and the last few weeks have brought so much change already! we've been road warriors since thanksgiving, but it's been wonderful to spend time with friends and family. so, here's a recap from the beginning!
spent Thanksgiving in Memphis with our sweet niece, Korbyn, and Zach's family. we enjoyed the "coziness" and spending several days with family.
Ty and Rachel spent a couple days with us in Starkville after Thanksgiving. We took the boys' toys out to the gun range and enjoyed spending time together.

we dropped off Ty and Rachel at the airport on our way to Zach's first interview on November 30th. we stopped in Atlanta for a night and enjoyed seeing Tara, Stacey's friend from high school, and her boyfriend. We stayed with Uncle Tim and Kathy and spent a little time laughing at youtube videos with our new cousins, bretton and stephen. 

Zach's first interview was in Columbia, SC. We stayed with our good friends Jon, Elizabeth, Judah and Sierra.

Zach's next interview was in Memphis. Stacey got to see some college friends, and we enjoyed a Christmas Sweater 5K with Alex, Robyn, and Korbyn after the interview.
We got to see Aunt Patty and Uncle Tim for one night when they were in Starkville to go to Grandma's Christmas Party. Mom and Tom went to Hawaii for a week, and Zach and I held down the fort few a few days between interviews. Zach flew to Jacksonville, FL last week for an interview and then to New Orleans where I met him for another interview. Like I said, road warriors (but I don't think that even begins to cover it!). January will be more of the same, but we are excited about exploring the possibilities of living in any of these places! It's nice that all of the interviews have been regional so far. Zach will be interviewing in Gainesville, FL and Jackson, MS in January. And we hope to keep adding programs to our schedule! Whew!
Somewhere in the midst of all that I got a new job and we decorated for Christmas! My niece, Sierra, comes at the end of this week to celebrate Christmas with us. It's always fun having her around!
Jazz enjoys the Christmas lights at night
 I will start my new job the beginning of the year which will include a few weeks of training here and there. The company is based out of Senatobia, MS which is just south of Memphis. Zach will be back in Gainesville to finish his last semester of Medical School (yahoo!!!), and I will be joining him for most of that time. I'm really excited about this new job that will allow me to use my degree (finally) and to use some of my more natural "gifts". It's hard to believe that our time in Mississippi is almost over (we've been here since July), but the Lord has blessed this time and showered us with love and encouragement from family and friends. I remember being so fearful of the being in Gainesville alone while Zach would be doing rotations for a whole semester. But now looking back over the past six months, we've gotten to experience so much that we would have missed out on because of the distance. I am thankful for the memories and hopeful that we will find ourselves back this way after graduation!
Merry Christmas! Love, Norwood

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